Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or third molars usually start showing in the mouth during late-teens, twenties and sometimes older.

While most people have 4 wisdom teeth, some people may have 1, 2, 3 or none. If the jaw does not have enough room for wisdom teeth, the wisdom teeth become impacted or tilted, causing gum problems and/or decay to adjacent teeth.

Your dentist may recommend removal of wisdom teeth once signs of gum disease, pain or decay start to become evident in the mouth.

Your dentist will take a full mouth X-ray to determine the position of wisdom teeth and then advised whether wisdom teeth can be removed in chair or require referral to Specialist Oral surgeon.

Do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

Some wisdom teeth may have enough room and may never cause pain or dental problems, therefore might not need to be extracted.

However, your dentist may recommend early removal of Wisdom teeth if there is not enough room in the jaw or tooth is showing signs of decay/gum problems.

At Shell Cove Dental, our dentists are highly trained in Wisdom teeth removal and we carry out sedation (Oral) and happy gas to make the procedure comfortable and pain free.

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