Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are usually made of porcelain and meal alloy to provide both strength and aesthetic, while making it resistant to stains. Crown is recommended when tooth has been damaged due to tooth decay, large fillings, excessive wear, trauma or previously undergone root canal treatment. Crown and bridge can be used to improve chewing ability, appearance of teeth, restore functioning of damaged teeth and prevent stresses that cause damage to surrounding teeth.

Crown is usually placed over a tooth or multiple single teeth while bridge replaces one or more missing teeth.

Bridge consists of an artificial tooth anchored to adjacent natural teeth, hereby replacing a missing tooth between two adjacent teeth.

Procedure for crowns and bridges usually involves two appointments:
  • First appointment involves the dentist numbing the area with local anaesthetic, followed by preparation of tooth and reshaping to allow room for permanent crown/bridge to be placed. The dentist will take an impression of the tooth and send to a dental technician who designs crowns. Meanwhile, the dentist will place a temporary crown /bridge in the area until your new crown has arrived to be cemented.
  • Second appointment involves dentist removing the temporary crown/bridge and cementing the new crown using special cement.

Regular dental check-ups are recommended as crowns and bridges require monitoring overtime and oral hygiene at home should ensure proper removal of plaque surrounding teeth and crowns/bridges.

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