Anxious Patient

At Shell Cove Dental, we understand that dental visits can sometimes be quite daunting and are quite aware that some patients may experience anxiety. Our highly experienced staff have the skills to successfully manage these fears and/or phobias by guiding you throughout each process, and we are more than happy to answer any questions or queries (or worries) you may have.

State of the art Clinic design

Shell Cove Dental is architectured to provide you with a welcoming and relaxed environment. Our lights and soothing music helps you relax prior to, during, and after your dental visit. Our specially designed and mounted televisions on surgery roofs help distract you away from any procedures we perform whilst you comfortably lie on the dental seat.

Sedation Options

We offer the following Conscious Sedation options that may help you relax during your appointment:

Happy gas (Relative analgesia)

  • Safe and comfortable
  • Reversible: patient can drive after procedure
  • Induces feeling of calm and comfort
  • Reduces stress and anxiety associated with dental phobia/fear

IV (Intravenous) Sedation

  • Safe and pain free solution
  • Delivered intravenous into your bloodstream by a visiting specialist
  • Provides deep state of relaxation
  • Ideal for nervous patients, patients with fear of pain, history of traumatic dental experience, complex dental procedures, Wisdom teeth removal
  • Limited recollection of dental procedure performed with IV sedation

Oral sedation/Premedication

  • Affordable and non-invasive method: patient takes an oral medicationone hour prior to the procedure which induces sleep (short and long-acting)
  • More potent in providing amnesia than over the counter sedatives
  • Patient does not recall any procedures performed
  • Patient needs to be accompanied to and from the clinic by a responsible adult
  • Driving or Heavy-Duty tasks cannot be performed for 24 hours
  • May require GP’s clearance/advise as some oral sedation medication may interfere with prescribed medications
  • May need GP’s clearance/advise as some Oral sedation medication can interfere with other medications being taken by the patient

To enquire or make an appointment, please call 02 8599 9802 or contact us by email