About Us

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced dental staff and we offer affordable services including Digital Smile design, Dental implants, Orthodontics and Sleep/TMJ Disorder treatments; using state-of-the-art technologies.

We are strong believers in the motto “Prevention is better than cure”, and we therefore don’t just carry out treatment on your teeth. We aim to build strong and personal relationships with our patients by listening to their dental health needs and providing them with any dental information we think may be of value to them.

Our focus is your dental health. We want to ensure you have a nice bright smile and a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth.

State Of The Art Dental Clinic

Our team has worked long and hard to provide you with the most relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We welcome you using warm marina colours and soothing music, in aim to help you feel relaxed (and what better place to relax when you’re so close to the Marina and the beach!) We respect and value your time and will do our best to limit your waiting times as much as possible. But even so, we provide reading materials for adults, and toys and ipads for any children to help you pass your waiting times pleasantly because at Shell Cove Dental, we want you to feel comfortable and satisfied during your entire stay.

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The mouth is the gateway to our body. Research has shown that Oral health is strongly linked to general health1 .In Australia, Tooth decay is the most widespread health problem which affects approximately 50% of the Australian youth by the age of 12; as a matter of fact, 90% of all tooth loss is due to tooth decay and gum disease both of which are greatly preventable with appropriate care.</p>
<p>Your Medical and Dental History allows our team to develop a stronger understanding of your general health and assist us in providing high quality treatments.

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Comprehensive examination and X-rays

Following your medical and relevant history, our dentist will check the health of your teeth and jaw by performing a comprehensive oral examination using Intra-Oral cameras and the latest low-dose digital X-ray.

Cleaning and scaling of teeth

Our dentist and hygienist will offer you a scale, clean and polish to remove the calculus and plaque around your teeth; they may also apply fluoride to re-mineralise your teeth. Additionally, our team will educate you on evidence-based techniques to carry out successful home care through effective brushing and flossing.

Treatment planning and Prevention

As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, prevention is a valuable part of our treatment planning. Our dentists will sit with you and thoroughly discuss all your treatment needs and educate you on how to look after your teeth at home.

Booking your appointment

The Australian dental association recommended regular check-up and cleans at dentist to prevent dental decay and gum disease.

At ShellCove Dental we aim to be punctual and prioritise patients with appointments.

To make a booking with one our dentists simply call 02 8599 9802, or fill out an enquiry form so that one of our staff can get in touch with you.

Post appointment

One of our friendly staff members will assist you in booking your next appointment, depending on your treatment needs alongside your regular six monthly check up and clean.

Additionally, they will help you manage your payment and provide booking reminders to assist you in keeping up to date with your oral health care.

To enquire or make an appointment, please call 02 8599 9802 or contact us by email